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Wednesday 8th July 2020.


Maxpax Limited now manufacture at Newent in Gloucestershire, 

more than 20 varieties of Maxpax Ltd Incup drinks in Paper Cups.

The varieties currently produced are:

From July 2020.

We've Packed it available Friday.

From July 2020.

Production started of our own innovation Maxpax Cafe Caramel. Coffee with a hint of addition flavouring which is now a very popular variety.

From December 2016.

Production started of our own Maxpax Chicken Soup.

From June 2016.

Production started of the original Maxpax Round Tea-bag complete with foil handle. Using the branded PG Tips blend of Black Tea, there are currently two products being produced the Black Tea-bag or Black Tea-bag with Whitener in the bag as well.

From March 2016.

Production started of the Kenco Smooth, Kenco Rich and Kenco Decaffeinated Coffees, plus both Maxwell House Instant Coffee and Maxwell House Cappuccino.

From June 2015.

Production started of the 'NEW' Douwe Egberts 'PURE GOLD' Coffees, (both White & Black versions).

From October 2014.

Production started of the 'NEW' Maxpax Hot Chocolate flavoured Drink. Keeping a taste similar to the Suchard but with only 35 kcals per Cup. Agglomerated to ensure it mixes every time.

From April 2014.

Maxpax Ltd 100% Colombian Coffee White, Maxpax Ltd 100% Colombian Coffee Black, PG Tips Instant Tea White, Pg Tips Instant Tea Black.

From November 2013.

Bovril, Knorr Vegetable Soup, Knorr Chicken Soup, Knorr Tomato Soup,

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We now also have available re-manufactured

Incup Drinks Vending Machines

Featuring the new 'World Key' on a Kenco Network/1280.

(Cashless Vending plus a Change-giver).     

Most machines can't do this look how many different drink types are in this machine.

12 different drink types in one machine.
  1. PG Tips, White Leaf Tea
  2. Douwe Egberts 'Pure Gold' White Coffee
  3. Maxpax Cafe Caramel Coffee
  4. Kenco Smooth White Coffee
  5. Kenco Rich Black Coffee
  6. Maxpax 100% Colombian 100% Arabica White Coffee
  7. Kenco Decaffeinated White Coffee
  8. Maxwell House Cappuccino
  9. Maxpax 'Hot Chocolate' flavoured Drink
  10. Bovril
  11. Knorr Vegetable Soup
  12. Knorr Tomato Soup

Catering to every possibility,

variety, not just Tea, Coffee, Chocolate

We supply Drinks, Service and Back-up to Operators, Wholesalers and Cup Suppliers. 

WE CAN HELP - 0845 643 9958